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Born in Hong Kong, Judy is one of the sought-after harpists of her generation. She studied for her master's degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Under the guidance of Imogen Barford, she graduated with distinction, and was later awarded an Artist Fellowship. Her early harp training began at the age of twelve with Ann Huang at the Hong Kong Music Office and later gained her bachelor in music(hons) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Amy Tam. She also held a visiting position at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts under the guidance of Dan Yu. 


Judy currently enjoys a diverse career and performed across Europe and Asia as soloist, chamber, orchestral player and cross-arts collaborator. She has worked with orchestras such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Macao Orchestra and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. She has recently completed the 4-year Wagner Ring Cycle Project with the HKPhil, which their live performance was recorded and released on CD by Naxos Label. Other renowned festivals and Orchestral Academy Judy has played include the Salzburg Festival (Austria), Schleswig Holstein Festival (Germany), Asian Youth Orchestra, Oslo Chamber Music Festival (Norway), Young Euro Classica (Berlin), City of London Festival, Menton Festival (France), Singapore Harp Festival and 1st Asia Harp Festival etc.


She is also very active as a chamber and soloist in Hong Kong and London music scenes. In Hong Kong, she has held solo recitals at the St John's Cathedral, LeeHysan Concert Hall, Chinese Methodist Church and All Saints Church. During her studies, she performed the Mozart K.299 Flute and Harp concerto with the Chung Chi Orchestra and Ravel Introduction and Allegro in London. For chamber music, she is regularly invited to perform at the Hong Kong Museum of Arts as part of the Sound of Arts Series and Musica del cuore Concert Series. Her other chamber engagement included performances at the City of London Festival to commemorate Benjamin Britten's 100 anniversaries. Her Trio has also led workshops for young children in the Wigmore Hall Chamber Tots series and performed regularly with her trio at the Wigmore Hall. Other chamber music experiences include a French Music Recital with countertenor and a Flute and Harp recital in London, and a trio concert at the Kunst Gallery in Norway.


Jointed with her sister Jennifer, they formed the Symmetry Harp Duo in 2013. They have given numerous recitals in London and Hong Kong, where their debut concert in London was interviewed by SingTao Daily newspaper. Their appearances with new duo arrangements has won high acclaims at the Taiwan International Harp Festival in 2015 and and Korea's Asia Harp Festival in 2016. With the generous support of Tanza Trust, Symmetry Duo has commissioned and premier renowned composer Paul Patterson's new duo piece at the World Harp Congress 2017 in Hong Kong. In the same year, they  gave a double harp concerto performance with the Chung Chi Wind Orchestra at the Chinese University.

In 2015, she formed Duo Reine with Soprano Jessica Ng. They explored and performed music ranged from French Baroque to contemporary. In 2017 they were recently invited to perform the works of award-winning young composers Pieter Bezuidenhout and Franco Prinsloo at the Aardklop festival, South Africa and World Harp Congress in Hong Kong. Their project In/Between: when China and Africa Meet, explored the links between the East and the South. During her studies at Guildhall, she was the harpist of Impossibilities, where they played Jazz music and Improvisation in concert, e..g. Curious Festival 2012. Judy also spent two years working with the London Contemporary Dance School in the Resolutions Dance Festival and performed at The Place Theatre. She appeared several times in the Voicework Series working with singers, composers and poets at the Wigmore Hall. Others contemporary collaboration include the Narration Strategy Project, 'Sounds & Words' with the Errorist at the Barbican Art Gallery; project Bráð with Icelandic composer at GSMD and stage designer of the Central St Martin's College of Arts; musical Elegies in Theatro Technis of London etc. 


Apart from performing, Judy is also enthusiastic in teaching. She has led workshops for young children at the Wigmore Hall Chamber Tots Series. She has also given children’s concert in which she incorporates story-telling into classical music. She taught in the Macau Conservatory (Junior), Hong Kong Music Office, Hong Kong Harp Chamber and other music institutions and secondary schools. Her students have won in competitions and gained very good acclaims, she was recently awarded as An Outstanding Teacher by the China Artist Association HKSAR Secretariat and the Hong Kong Arts and Cultural Foundation.





何靜文生於香港,是本地其中一位最矚目的年輕豎琴手。她於倫敦著名音樂學院 Guildhall School of Music 以一級榮譽修畢音樂碩士,師從 Imogen Barford,去年更獲頒為該校的藝術院士。她十二歲起於音統處開始接觸豎琴,師從黄士倫,及後隨譚懷理於中文大學取得音樂系榮譽學士學位。何氏亦於演藝學院隨著名國際豎琴手于丹學習。她早於2008年已取得由英國倫敦聖三一 (Trinity College of Music) 所頒發的LTCL豎琴演奏資格。


何氏的表演活躍於歐洲和亞洲各地,演出的項目亦很多元化,包括獨奏、室樂、樂團演出以及多媒體創作等。她曾與多個著名樂團和團體合作,包括香港管弦樂團、澳門樂團、廣州交響樂團等等。何氏近日與香港管弦樂團完成了為期4年的華格納 《指環》四部曲, 音樂會現場錄音,並在知名品牌Naxos發行。何氏參與的的藝術節包括著名的奧地利莎士堡藝術節、德國史尼斯-荷爾斯泰因省(Schleswig-Holstein)藝術節、亞洲青年管弦樂團、挪威室樂節、歐洲青年古典音樂節、倫敦城市藝術節、法國蒙頓藝術節、台灣國際豎琴節、新加坡豎琴節、亞洲豎琴節等。


室樂演出方面,何氏最近被藝術香港藝術館邀請為《藝韻樂音》音樂會系列作定期演出。她亦在倫敦每年一度的音樂節 (City of London Festival),以紀念本傑明•布里頓 (Benjamin Britten)的100週年作演出。她的長笛、中提琴、豎琴三重奏亦曾於著名音樂廳《威格摩爾音樂廳》(Wigmore Hall) 演出,及後也在挪威的孔斯特畫廊演出。


何氏聯同豎琴手妹妹何樂文於2013年組成了Symmetry Duo,在兩年間已在倫敦和香港兩地合奏演出多場傳統豎琴以及愛爾蘭豎琴的音樂會,備受好評。她們於倫敦的首演更獲得星島日報的報導。她們分別於2015年五月喎2016年7月獲邀為台灣第⼀屆國際豎琴節和首爾舉辦的亞洲豎琴節擔任表演嘉賓,演岀她們特別為豎琴節改編的作品,並獲大會一致讚賞。Symmetry Duo成功獲得坦莎基金的贊助,於2017年的世界豎琴大會為作曲家Paul Patterson的二重奏作首演,並於同年與崇基管樂團演出了Parish Alvars的《D大調雙豎琴協奏曲》。


何氏在倫敦和香港都舉辦過多場豎琴獨奏音樂會。她近期在香港的聖約翰座堂、循道衛理聯合教會、聖公會諸聖堂作個人獨奏會。在香港和英國學習期間,曾經與崇基管弦樂團於利希慎音樂廳演出了莫扎特的《K. 299長笛與豎琴協奏曲》以及在英國市政廳音樂廳演奏拉威爾的《序奏與快板》。何氏熱衷於當代和即興音樂,曾經為爵士和即興組合Impossibilities在Curious Festival和Guildhall Festival演出。除此之外,她參與的跨藝術合作項目包括由市政廳音樂學院和倫敦當代舞蹈學校 (London Contemporary Dance School)合作的舞蹈節,亦在Wigmore Hall的Voicework音樂會與歌唱家、作曲家和詩人合作。其他合作項目包括一個在Barbican藝術畫廊以「聲音和詞」為題的演出,以及在倫敦中央聖馬丁藝術學院,演出一首集合了來自冰島作曲家和舞台美術設計師合作的歌劇。


除了表演,何氏也十分熱衷於教學。在倫敦其間曾在著名音樂廳《威格摩爾音樂廳》(Wigmore Hall) 演出及舉辦為小孩而設的室樂工作坊;又曾以《音樂講故事》形式舉辦了專為孩子的音樂會。她曾任教於在澳門演藝學院 、香港音统處、香港豎琴堡、國際基督教音樂學校及其他音樂中心。她的學生屢次在音樂比賽中勝出,她最近被《中國美術家協會香港總部》及《香港文化藝術基金會》授予《優秀教師》獎座。

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